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Youtube For Business - A Method That Works For All

The use of video in your marketing strategy is becoming the norm more than ever. From large tech companies to small businesses, marketing teams regularly incorporate video content into their tweets, stories, posts and emails. But, if you want to reach the biggest and most focused audience possible there is no doubt that you have to spend time developing a strategy for YouTube.

Now businesses are choosing YouTube for the rich and diverse audience, a community they can connect with, and creators they can engage with.

Let’s be honest the numbers don’t lie. YouTube has over two billion monthly logged-in users and people are watching enough video to keep them engaged through a flight to the sun, and back — 3,000 times!

Brands can engage their audiences while they’re in their “Personal Primetime” these are highly engaged moments where viewers turn to YouTube to watch content they're passionate about.

You’ll notice that linear TV ratings have been declining for the past decade, while digital video viewership is booming.

Consumers are placing the greatest value on content that delivers for their immediate needs and passions, whatever the time of day or device.

So whether it’s a major purchase like a new car, a vacation, or something more routine like makeup or a new streaming subscription, people are increasingly turning to YouTube for assistance when deciding what to buy.

Today more than 55% of people search for products on Google, then they seek to learn more by going to YouTube before they make a purchase.

Over 40% of global shoppers say that they've purchased products that they discovered on YouTube.

In addition, YouTube’s engaged audience creates opportunities for creators, brands, and advertisers to get them in front of their audience at critical moments in the consumer journey.

Ultimately, it’s vital that you make it your goal to get your message in front of focused human attention by using YouTube.

This leads to one question. Is your brand using YouTube to reach the audience that wants what you have? I want to know how so please share with us in the comments below.

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